Main Star Awards

Main Star Awards

The Main Star Award

Goal: To engage learners by using key competencies in the school and home environment to develop capabilities for living and life long learners.

Purpose: To provide our learners with the opportunities to apply in their everyday lives, the skills, knowledge, values and key competencies they learn and develop in class.

How are we going to do this?

Home learning will consist of basics such as reading, spelling and basic facts which is rewarded by individual class teachers or syndicate incentives such as Team-Time.

Over and above this The Main Star Award will consist of 10 competencies per term.

  • 6 completed activities will receive a bronze certificate
  • 8 completed activities will receive a silver certificate
  • 10 completed activities will receive a gold certificate

If students receive 4 golds to a high standard they will receive a platinum star.

Overall Teacher Judgement will determine what star the learner will receive at the end of the year.

Term 1 Bronze

Term 2 Silver

Term 3 Bronze

Term 4 Silver

Therefore this learner would get a silver star.

Syndicate Responsibilities

  • Each term Syndicates plan the tasks in relation to ‘The Curriculum – The Grey Main Way’.
  • Each Key Competency will have 2 tasks.
  • Each class/syndicate must track progress and display on a wall or window.

School Responsibilities

  • Promote ‘Main Star’ Awards through newsletters, Facebook, Website, Award ceremony, Meet-the-Teacher in February.
  • Purchase ‘Stars’
  • Design School Certificates – Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Attend Meet the Teacher to learn about The Main Star.
  • Encourage learners to complete tasks to a high standard.
  • Gather evidence to prove tasks have been completed. Eg. Sign it off, photo, letters and feedback of thanks etc.
  • To follow up with learners to ensure home learning is completed.