Grey Main is a decile 6 school nestled in urban Greymouth with a roll of between 260-330 students catering for students from Year 1 to Year 8.  The school prides itself on high student engagement and achievement.  It is supported by a stable staff who effectively manage teaching and learning, providing excellent programmes of work.  Grey Main School fosters an excellent relationship with the wider community and continues to value their input into the vibrant learning environment, our school provides, to ensure the students receive the very best educational and social opportunities available.

For more information please contact our Principal Mandy O’Sullivan

Term 1- 31st January - 12th April 2024

Term  2 - 29th April - 5th July 2024

Term 3- 22nd July - 27nd September 2024

Term 4- 14th October - To Be Advised

Greymouth Main School (3361) Board Assurance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements Report.pdf
Greymouth Main School (3361) Te Ara Huarau School Profile Report (5).pdf