We have excellent teaching staff!

This full primary school caters for students from Year 1 to Year 8. The school prides itself on high student engagement and achievement. It is supported by a stable staff who effectively manage teaching and learning, providing excellent programmes of work.

You can contact the staff via their emails below:


Amanda O'Sullivan

Deputy Principal

Rata Hub (Yrs 0-2)

Rata 5: Terrye Drake (Hub Leader)

Rata 2: Shannon Heath

Rata 3: Bronte Norton

Pohutukawa Hub (Yrs 3-4)

Pohutukawa 1: Brenda Tomkinson (Hub Leader)

Pohutukawa 2: Leaticia Lagan

Pohutukawa 3: Racheal Thomas

Mamaku Hub (Yrs 5-6)

Mamaku 1: Rochelle Clark (Hub Leader)

Mamaku 2: Mica Kaye

Mamaku 3: Sue Glue

Totara Hub (Yrs 7-8)

Totara 1: Natasha Power (Hub Leader)

Totara 2: Kim Hines

Totara 3: Lyndall Prendergast

Te Hiringa

Katie Nisbett

Admin Staff

Sharon Donaldson

Debbie O'Connor

Allie Costello (Nga Manawa)